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 So lets get started !!





let me ask you what brought you to my site ? If the answer is because you are tired of the every day so called 9to 5 job then you have come to the right place .Here I will show you ways to make money no matter how much you want to make.

Let me ask you another  question how much time are you willing to give to make this happen and how much work are you willing to do ? If the answer is as much as it takes and what ever it takes , again you have come to the right place .

I am not going to hand you a magic wand and tell you use this and all your dreams will come true but if you really want to make money on line I will help guide you and show you just how you can do this .


you are probably asking yourself why does this person want to help me ,and my answer is this I have been lied to I have been taken to the cleaners and left high and dry and I have found the secret to actually making money on line and I just want to save you the time and the pain of making bad choices .



me ask you this how come some people have made fortunes on the internet ? Her are some reasons why .

  1. They have their own website .
  2. They have something that people are interested in .
  3. They have a client base.
  4. They have something that people want (information or  product )
  5. They have support.

Those things you can have also and I will show you how .  Not that  it  will not happen over night ( I am not a wizard lol) but if you make the commitment I  guarantee you it can happen .

  • Start by checking out here nothing out of your pocket  nada nil  
  • See all that this has to offer .
  • See just what it is all about

starter-membershipYou can let me know if you have any additional concerns or questions you can write them in the comments section located at the top of the post page,  and I will try my best to answer them . I really look forward to seeing you succeed and it is here, all you need to do is sign up


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All the best David  Snodgrass .
owner of Practical Proven and Fun ways to make money on line.Social Media Traffic Exchange

10 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Awesome info. I love WA its been incredibly useful in helping to build sites. makes everything very easy and i love that they offer hosting as part of membership, more than justifies a membership!

  2. Hi David, Wealthy Affiliate seems like a great platform to learn and begin an online business. I do have a few questions though. What is this Jaaxy. I can see that it is a keyword research but does that offer a free trial as well? Is trying to earn money as fun as it is practical and proven with all the competition that is out there?

    1. Yes Jaaxy does offer a free trial and gives you a number of free searches .It is a very useful tool and I recommend to anyone that is starting a new online business all the best David

  3. I love how simple WA concept can be and that is helping yourself and helping others. Most beginners are afraid to start an online business because of not getting help or even worried being scammed. As for me, I love being with WA because i am passionate with doing what WA had trained me.
    Thanks for such a great article. Appreciate it.

    Mike L

  4. Hi David, thank you for this site, and I love the video about scamming. I have been scammed myself and this is good information. Also the programs about makeing home at money are ususally scams, people should be careful. but I have to say, the scammers are very clever. this cpmment applies to your 2nd page bu the way. This one is also very informative, Thank you, Marion

  5. Hi David,
    I share your thoughts about WA and have been scammed before myself too. You explain well that it is not an overnight success but that you need to put time and effort into being successful online.
    Keep up the god work,

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